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Description: The air conditioner manual-instructions provide detailed information about the operation of your air conditioner. Download the manual below. Air conditioner operational manual More than 200 pages of useful information on how to operate and maintain your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is not operating properly or is not working. The following is a list of manuals that can be downloaded for free. Details about each manual can be viewed by clicking on the title. Air conditioner Manual PDF Covering the operation and maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems. These manuals are available for free and are easy to download.Dear Editor, The word "vibes" itself is very simple and easy to remember. It literally means "vibrations." In fact, in the year 1797, James Maxwell made a scientific discovery about the vibrations of an object. In 2007, the word "vibes" was invented as the name of a popular (now defunct) company that sold men's underwear. In the year 2008, the word "vibes" was created as the name of an app for smartphone. We believe that the word "vibes" is a very short-hand way of saying vibrations and it is quite apt as it allows the user to think about the effect of the vibrations on other things. Vibes are very simple and easy to understand. It's like talking about the effect of our walking on the road: you don't need to understand physics and chemistry behind it. In the world of smartphones, "vibes" can help with vibrate button or vibration pattern for a lot of people. On the other hand, the word "vibes" is also a metaphor of the feeling of consumer products or the effects of human action (like a hip-hop or bhangra dance) on a product or an object. In the world of the Mobile Marketing, the word "vibes" can also be used as a marketing tool. One example is in the mobile financial application industry. These applications are used to send text messages and payments to user's mobile phones. In these applications, marketers send out the subject "vibes" of the product to consumers through SMS or MMS message. For example, these marketers can send an SMS to a consumer with a special offer, or the consumer can receive a message with their payment balance and some information about their shopping habits. Many companies use the word





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