Water Rocketry

         Rocketry is the enabler of all space technologies particularly satellites, many of which impact people's everyday lives in almost countless ways.

         So let us start from the basics. This is the stage for you to express your talent and creativity in building water rocket.




          The participants are required to build and come along with their water rocket by  guidelines mentioned below. After  checking the terms and conditions , they are allowed to participate in the event.The winner will be decided on the basis of the rules mentioned below.



◼Only plastic soft drink bottles are to be used for the rocket body (upto 1litre )
◼The water rocket must use only compressed ambient atmospheric air as its source of energy. Only tap water shall be used in the rocket, and the water shall be provided by the organizers. 
◼Water brought by the team shall not be allowed in the rockets
◼No chemical or aerated water will be added for launching
◼The amount of water to be filled in the rocket body is left upto 500ml.
◼No component or a body part of the rocket should get detached from the main frame during the flight of the rocket except for the case of payload. If any other part gets detached then the rocket will be disqualified.



1.Maximum of 2 members per team
2.The angle at which the rocket is launched, the amount of water to be filled in the rocket body and the pressure inside the rocket can be suggested by the team
 3.The points earned by the team will depend on the range of flight, leak-free rockets and successful design.
4.The range of flight is the distance between the point of launch and the point of first impact with the ground after launch
5.Three attempts is allowed 
 6.Pressure pump will be provided (only for 10strokes).


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